How To Sleep In A Daybed?

How to sleep in a daybed? It’s all in the accessories. Start with a row of two or three large throw pillows against the long side of the daybed. Feel free to use your sleeping pillows back there, too, if you want to keep them handy. You’ll just want to add enough throw pillows in front of them to minimize their visibility.

Next, layer in smaller throw pillows, one on each end minimum, to give your daybed more of that couch look. A lumbar pillow or two for back support can really make the difference between your daybed feeling like awkwardly sitting on a bed and comfortably sitting on a couch. Artfully arrange a throw blanket and voilà, couch-mode activated! For more pillow arranging advice, follow these no-fail sofa pillow pairings to create a stylish setup.

If the daybed also serves as your main seating area (I’m looking at you, tiny studio apartment dwellers!), arrange the space like a living room. Add a cozy area rug, hang some art above the daybed, and bring in a side table or C-shaped table that can serve double duty as your nightstand. 

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